For the quantity and container options for ingredients for perfumery please follow the link.  For fragrances see below:

For most fragrances there are three main size options starting with the 100ml bottle, then 30ml and finally the 10ml Discover size.

Luxury Box webOn request I can supply any fragrance in a tall 100ml bottle that comes in a beautiful polished wooden box: this luxury presentation costs an extra £25.  Also available is a small, handbag or briefcase sized 10ml atomiser with an elegant metal shell – these hold 10ml, come in silver and a few other colours and are re-fillable (you get one of these included with the bespoke service and any fragrance in the luxury presentation).

All the bottles have screw-fixed atomisers and are re-fillable, which makes it easy to decant from a large bottle to a smaller one if you want to.

Bottle options as shown left and then in the picture below from left to right:

  • Tall 100ml bottle with silver spray and silver overcap in mahogany-finish box
  • Rectangular 100ml bottle with silver spray and large silver overcap
  • Square 30ml bottle with silver spray and overcap
  • Square 10ml Discover bottle with silver spray and overcap