Contract of Sale

The contract of sale is formed when we accept your order. You have the right to cancel within seven days of the contract, or seven days of receipt of the goods (whichever is the longer) should you wish to do this please contact us to arrange any necessary returns: we will refund your purchase price as soon as the goods have been received.  Please note that this does not apply to goods that are prepared to order (see below for more details).

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping charges are not refundable unless there has been an error on our part.  Note that virtually everything we ship will require a signature on delivery and will be sent using a trackable service, the only exception is fragrance samples.

Returns and Refunds

If you buy a bottle of any Pell Wall fragrance without having had the chance to try it first, you can return it for a refund of the purchase price (excluding P&P) if, on the first few sprays, you find you don’t like it. For a refund you’ll need to return it in new condition and in its original packaging.  This offer is in addition to your statutory rights and does not apply to samples or ingredients.

If there is a problem with your fragrance please get in touch directly so that we can make it right by means of a replacement, refund or other appropriate action.

For returns please contact us first as it isn’t always necessary for you to be inconvenienced by making a return.

Please note that orders for ingredients are prepared to order, which means both that large orders will take a bit longer to be dispatched than orders for fragrances and also that we don’t accept returns of ingredients orders, unless of course there is something wrong with the material, in which case please contact us first so that we can sort it out.

Product Documentation (SDS, COFA, IFRA)

Documentation for ingredients is provided by download from the product page only: if you need documentation that isn’t available on the product page please don’t buy that ingredient because we don’t supply documentation by any other means.

You may need to be logged in to your account to see certain types of documentation such as IFRA statements.

When you buy ingredients you are buying a product: we don’t provide instruction in their use as part of the sale, if you need such assistance that is available for purchase via the consultancy product.

Damaged Products on Delivery

In the unlikely event that there is any shortage, breakage or similar problem please contact us within 48 hours to enable us to make it right. Please don’t send back a material sent to you in error without contacting us because it isn’t always necessary to return it.

Conduct and Behaviour

Finally please note that we adopt a zero tolerance policy towards rudeness, aggression, threats and any other kind of abuse of anyone acting on our behalf: anyone who engages in such behaviour will be banned from shopping at Pell Wall permanently.  We will similarly enforce a permanent exclusion on anyone who attempts to defraud or scam us.