Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions, it is an idea to check here before submitting an enquiry to us via email as chances are we have probably already answered your query…

Shipping, Delivery & VAT

Do you ship to my Country?

Almost certainly yes.

We ship  worldwide, the only exceptions are areas that the UK is currently enforcing sanctions or restrictions against or that is an active war zone. Please see our delivery information page for more details.  Please note that we are only able to deliver to business addresses in Russia, but there is an alternative service linked on that page that will enable you to have your goods delivered to a residential address.

If you are not offered a shipping option when you go to checkout, please use the web support email address to let us know and we will sort it out for you.

I just want to buy one 10ml ingredient – is there a cheaper shipping option?

Sorry, no there isn’t.

Shipping charges (detailed here) are carefully chosen to be as fair as possible to all our customers and ensure that shipping costs are covered.  It costs us the same to send a small package as it does to send a larger one that’s not just the courier charge but also it has to go into a box with packaging around it to ensure it doesn’t get broken and someone has to be paid to pack it: then there’s paying someone to take it to the courier or paying for collection and finally the cost of the carriage itself. In all cases a significant part of the cost is paying someone to pack your order – it’s not just the cost of postage – we don’t pay slave wages at Pell Wall and we hope you would expect nothing less.

Why not combine your order with a friend to save shipping costs?  Or wait until you need several things?

Do I have to pay VAT? Can I get VAT-free supply?

If your order is being shipped by us to a country within the EU VAT Area, then yes.  If it’s being shipped outside that area, then no.  If you’re logged on with an IP address that is recognisably in one of the countries in the area you’ll see prices including VAT, if you appear to be outside the area you’ll see prices excluding VAT automatically.

Please note that if you are browsing from a non-EU VAT area country but want your order shipped to somewhere within the area, for example because it’s a gift or you’re travelling somewhere, then we have to charge VAT on the order and that will be added when you checkout.  You may be able to reclaim the VAT when you take the goods outside the area but that isn’t something we can help you with.

If you are a VAT registered business inside the EU VAT Area but outside the UK then you are entitled to what is called Inter-community VAT-free Supply (but please note that this will not apply should the UK leave the EU without a deal – in that case UK VAT and EU VAT will no-longer be linked).  We can’t currently provide VAT free supply automatically so if you have two options:

  1. 1) Use the details on the contact us page to get in touch and we will invoice you manually for the correct amount.  However we make an administration charge for this service currently £20 per invoice.
  2. 2) Alternatively simply checkout and pay in the normal way but use the notes field at checkout to tell use your VAT registration number and that you’d like VAT-free supply.  We will then refund the difference and send a corrected invoice with your order.  Please note that as this is also a manual process, although there is no extra charge, it can take a few days for us to sort it out.

This process may change after Brexit depending on what happens … we don’t know what the outcome may be any more than anyone else!

Are our product prices inclusive of VAT?

If you’re logged on with an IP address that is recognisably in one of the countries in the area you’ll see prices including VAT, if you appear to be outside the area you’ll see prices excluding VAT automatically.

The site functions like so: products display VAT included prices on the product page, that price is also what you see in your cart once they are added to the cart, the checkout form shows a breakdown of the price excluding VAT and the amount of VAT charged.  VAT isn’t being added twice.

Please note that if you are browsing from a non-EU VAT area country but want your order shipped to somewhere within the area, for example because it’s a gift or you’re travelling somewhere, then we have to charge VAT on the order and that will be added when you checkout.

This process may change after Brexit depending on what happens … we don’t know what the outcome may be any more than anyone else!


Is there a minimum order?


You can order as much or as little as you like, however please note that our shipping charges are a flat rate so you will get better value by buying more items at once.  Details of shipping costs are here.

I want to buy in bulk: can you sell larger amounts of ingredients than are listed on the website?

Yes, in almost all cases we can.

Be aware however that the largest quantity of anything that we sell is 25-30Kg and that while anything can be delivered in the UK, some bulk materials are not available overseas.

There may also be a lead time and there will usually be shipping charges too.  Please contact us for a quotation.

I’ve checked out and realised I missed something: can I add to my order?

As long as your order hasn’t been shipped yet, Yes: 

If you’re in the UK just check out in the normal way again but use the ‘Collect from us’ shipping option, which is free.  Please make a note in the notes box when you check out of the order number you’d like it adding to so that we know what to do with it.  Once your order is in Completed status it’s too late to add anything further to it, so if you’ve decided to add a lot of things it’s best to contact us first so that we can delay fulfilment while you do so. 

If you’re outside the UK proceed as above but you’ll also need to change your country to UK so that the system will give you the ‘Collect from us’ option. 


Are Pell Wall products suitable for food use?

None of the products available in the Pell Wall shop are certified as food grade by us.

In many cases the materials we buy in are food grade and will almost certainly be perfectly safe to use in food if you know what you’re doing: many customers use our products in food or drink.  However Pell Wall does not use handling methods compliant with food preparation regulations.

Many other products are totally unsuitable for food use either because they are toxic when ingested or we are selling them in a solvent suitable for perfumery that isn’t edible (such as DPG for example).

The Pell Wall Perfumer isn’t a flavorist, and therefore isn’t qualified to advise on safe usage, levels or application: so if you wish to use any of our ingredients in food you must take responsibility for making your own assessment as to their safety and suitability for the purpose.

I need documentation for Ingredients - how can I get it?

As far as possible we make documentation available for download from the individual product pages for each ingredient.  If the documentation isn’t there we can’t supply it by any other means, in some cases we don’t have it: not all manufacturers provide all documents or any.  In other cases we haven’t prepared it for download, which is a process that costs us labour and therefore money – it’s not something you can demand from us simply because you’ve purchased the product – that service is not included in the product price.

As noted in our T&Cs “Documentation for ingredients is provided by download from the product page only: if you need documentation that isn’t available on the product page please don’t buy that ingredient because we don’t supply documentation by any other means.”

We are aware that when you first move to producing a product for sale in the EU you will approach a Safety Assessor to provide you with the necessary assurance that your product is safe for sale.  Often the first thing they will do is demand every possible item of documentation for every ingredient in the product, thus sending you away on a document chase.  In 2018 the Pell Wall Perfumer had almost 100 perfumes Safety Assessed, yet not a single item of documentation had to be sent to the Assessor except the IFRA Certificate for each fragrance (which is created by the Perfumer responsible for the fragrance) and the list of ingredients.  All the other documentation the assessor already had.  If your experience is different you may want to consider changing assessor!

Do Pell Wall products contain animal derived products? Are they tested on animals?

None of the products available in the Pell Wall shop are derived from any animal source, with the sole exception of our Ambergris Tinctures, which are made from beach collected ambergris.

We don’t believe in using animal ingredients such as Civet, which involve cruelty to the animal in the collection process, or such as natural Musk, which involves extraction either before or after death of an organ from an animal that is an endangered species.  We do however offer the finest quality synthetic replacements for these products for you to use instead.

None of the products we sell are tested on animals (other than human volunteers, including the Pell Wall Perfumer) by us or by anyone else on our behalf.  Many of the older materials still cite historic animal testing done in less enlightened times in their safety data sheets but none of our manufacturers have tested on animals for many years.

What does 'Product Available on Backorder’ mean?

If you see that a product is available on backorder it means that we don’t currently have stock but can make or buy in that material in response to your order.  When you include backordered items we will normally hold the entire order until we have everything in stock and then send it all together.  Only with very large orders will we send the rest and follow up with the backordered items(s), so please keep this in mind if you are in a hurry for any part of your order.

Are ingredients available in 10ml sizes always liquid?

No, some ingredients come as a powder and some as a solid that is melted for use. Where this is the case it says so in the product description. You can also tell by checking which categories the material is in – if it’s normally sold as a liquid it will be in the Liquids category if it’s crystals or a solid that requires melting it will be in the Solids category. Some materials are in both where we offer both an undiluted solid and a dilution in a solvent: again check the description for details.

Why are most ingredients sold by both volume and weight?

We prefer to sell ingredients by weight wherever possible because it’s more accurate and also the perfumery industry standard is to measure everything by weight.  However for very small amounts we sell by volume – 10ml and 5ml – that’s because the specific gravity of perfumery ingredients varies a great deal and standard 10ml and 5ml bottle sizes wouldn’t always contain 5g and 10g respectively, so to avoid needing multiple bottle sizes we keep it simple and sell by volume.
Further details of why we prefer to use weight as a measurement is set out in this blog post where you will also find advice on what sort of scale to buy for the purpose:

How do I handle a material that is sold as powder or crystals?

You can work with powders and crystals in one of two ways:
If you work by weight and in reasonably large amounts then the easiest way to deal with them is to simply add those to your formula at the start and then add the liquid ingredients to them: by the time you’ve finished the solids will usually have dissolved in the other ingredients but if not a good stir will do the trick.
Alternatively pre-dissolve the crystals or powder in a solvent and then add them to your formula in dilution.  In this case you might like to check out this post on our blog for details of how to go about it.
Note that which solvent to use varies by ingredient but most will dissolve successfully to make a 5% solution in Perfumer’s Alcohol.

Technical Issues

I am experiencing issues with some of the content and/or functionality of Pell Wall's web site. What can I do?

We are sorry to hear you are having difficulty using

We would reccommend in the first instance that you clear your browser cache and cookies.

If the problems persists please use the contact form or web support email address on the contact us page.

My Order has been marked as completed but the tracking number doesn’t work. What’s wrong?

There could be a several reasons for this: With some carriers the tracking number we get when we book the parcel in has spaces in it but their tracking systems only recognise the number without spaces, we try to remember to remove the spaces when we copy the number into our system that notifies you but sometimes we forget: if there are spaces take them out and the number should then work.

If your order has been marked as completed, but not yet collected from our Shropshire base, you may see the following from our main couriers:

DHL: An error message tends to appear for a short while before their system updates with a message saying ‘information received from shipper’. Check DHL’s web site for service updates.  DHL collections are usually early in the day.  Also some DHL parcels go via another courier and we add the DHL tracking number later in the day: in this case you’ll get an update to your order when the DHL number is added.

ParcelForce: Will show an error message until the parcel has ben scanned in and registered by their depot. Check ParcelForce’s web site for service updates. Parcelforce collections are usually around lunchtime.

Royal Mail: We check parcels in here but then they have to be taken to the local Post Office which is a couple of miles away and then they have to be individually scanned in by them – this usually only happens towards the end of the day and until it’s done tracking won’t be available.

Please note that once a parcel has been collected from us we are no longer able to provide information on where it may be. We only have acces to the same tracking facilities that you do.

My discount code doesn't work on the site. What’s wrong?

It is possible that from time to time we may make a mistake when configuring a discount code however we do rounds of testing with them to ensure they are working before we issue them.

If yours isn’t working please make sure that you are entering it exactly as displayed, for example our codes are not case sensitive, usually one word with a number and most importantly do not contain spaces or special characters like exclamation marks or other symbols ([email protected]%$).

Most of our codes are issued through our newsletter as part of an email campaign, we will always have the code in text – rather than just in an image – so a good tip to make sure you get it right is to copy and paste it from the email itself.

If you are sure there is an error please contact us.