FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

I am experiencing issues with some of the content and/or functionality of Pell Wall’s web site. What can I do?

We are sorry to hear you are having difficulty using pellwall.com.

We would reccommend in the first instance that you clear your browser cache and cookies.

If the problems persists please use the contact form or web support email address on the contact us page.

I’m looking for an ingredient to add a particular smell to a fragrance, what should I buy? 

Take a look at the odour tags and choose one that reflects the type of smell you’re looking for: you’ll be shown all the ingredients that have that aspect so that you can choose which ones suit your needs. 

For example if you’re looking for a cucumber note, choose the cucumber tag and you’ll see all the ingredients that have that aspect. 

I make perfumes but they don’t last very long: what should I buy to make them last longer? 

This is really asking for an apprenticeship in perfumery in one question!  However we stock well over 100 materials that act as fixatives and have a category for those so that you can easily find them.  If you’re new to blending your own perfumes we recommend you start by looking at some of the musks in that category. 

I just want to buy one 10ml ingredient – is there a cheaper shipping option?

Sorry, no there isn’t.  Shipping charges are carefully chosen to be as fair as possible to all our customers and ensure that shipping costs are covered.  It costs us the same to send a small package as it does to send a larger one that’s not just the courier charge but also it has to go into a box with packaging around it to ensure it doesn’t get broken and someone has to be paid to pack it.  Buying in bulk large boxes cost only a few pence more per box than small ones so there’s no real saving there either. 

Why not combine your order with a friend to save shipping costs?  Or wait until you need several things? 

Do you ship to my Country?

Most likely, we ship to most areas that the UK do not have sanctions or restrictions against or that is an active war zone. Please see our delivery information pages for more information.

Can I amend an order after I have checked out?


If you’re in the UK just check out in the normal way again but use the ‘Collect from us’ shipping option, which is free.  Please make a note in the notes box when you check out of the order number you’d like it adding to so that we know what to do with it.  Once you’re order is in Completed status it’s too late to add anything further to it, so if you’ve decided to add a lot of things it’s best to contact us first so that we can delay fulfilment while you do so. 

If you’re outside the UK proceed as above but you’ll also need to change your country to UK so that the system will give you the ‘Collect from us’ option.