• Order Queries

    If you are contacting us regarding an existing order please ensure your provide us with an order number - responses to queries without an order number maybe slower!

  • Documentation

    If are emailing us requesting documentation, you are unlikely to receive a response. These are only provided if we have been supplied them by way of a linked download on the product page. We do not supply these by email!

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  • Opening Hours

    Our customer service hours are as follows:

    Monday: 12noon to 4pm

    Tuesday: 9am to 4pm

    Wednesday: 9am to 4pm

    Thursday: 9am to 4pm

    Friday: 9am to 2pm

    Saturday: 9am to 2pm

    Sunday: 12noon to 3pm

  • Contact Details

    Use the form above to send us an email message or email support@pellwall.com.

    Alternatively, we can be contacted by phone on +44 (0) 113 868 4182.