Bottles of Ingredients by Pell Wall in various sizes

Bottles of Ingredients by Pell Wall in various sizes

This page is for people interested in making their own perfumes, whether on a DIY basis or as part of a small business. We are trying to make materials more easily available as well as share knowledge about techniques, materials and their combination. We hope you’ll find something of use here.

If you want to buy ingredients for perfumery, we have a range of over 400 materials available from our own stock in quantities from 30ml to half a Kg plus quite a few in smaller quantities (right down to 5ml in some cases) and some in 1Kg as well: most are in the online shop in the Ingredients for Perfumery category, where every entry has odour descriptor tags and most have detailed descriptions as well.

All the basics for perfumery are there, together with many more unusual ingredients. For those particularly interested in materials of natural origin, they are included in the main listings, but also accessible in a sub-category here.

500g Aluminium Flasks - click here to access the Pell Wall Ingredients Catalogue

Click this picture to access the Pell Wall Ingredients Catalogue

There is also a  catalogue of what’s available in pdf format: Click here or the adjacent picture to access the pdf catalogue: If there is something you’d like but don’t see, it’s always worth asking – we may have it or be able to get it. The majority of the ingredients in the  catalogue have been loaded up into the online shop and in time all of them will be but for now, if you want to buy something that isn’t in the shop, please make your selection from the pdf document and drop us an email with your order.

Naturals Starter Kit - Inside the box

Naturals Starter Kit – Inside the box





For those just starting out with aroma chemicals – or thinking about doing so – we also have a comprehensive kit of 56 materials in 5ml and 30ml forms available that you might like to check out, full details, prices and full details are here.  Plus we’ve recently added a kit of natural materials as well.

In addition to ingredients we also hold stock of some bottles:

You can buy empty aluminium bottles like those used for our ingredients here.

100ml Atomiser Deconstructed

100ml Atomiser Deconstructed

We also have stocks of perfume atomisers with screw-fit spray caps just like those used for our own fragrance range as well as a few others. If you need a size or shape not included in the product options please email as we may be able to help.

In addition to contributing regularly to the Basenotes forum on perfumery, the Pell Wall Perfumer writes articles for the Pell Wall blog aimed either at the amateur and small-scale perfumer or at increasing the sum of published knowledge on the subject under the tag “DIY”.