Accessories for Perfumery

Quality perfume atomisers from 10ml to 100ml; specialist aluminium flasks and aluminium bottles for perfumery ingredients and other useful items for perfumers that don’t fall into any of the other categories.

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  • Aluminium Bottles for Ingredients

    Aluminium Bottles


    These aluminium bottles have been phased out for the ingredients we sell and are out of stock

    The 30g and 50g sizes of these bottles have now been replaced with the 30g and 50g Tournaire Bottles.

    The 100g size has been replaced with the 100g size aluminium flask.

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  • Hedione in 500g Aluminium Flask

    Aluminium Flasks


    Aluminium Flasks for ingredients, like those we use for most of the ingredients we sell, just in case you want to add a few empty ones to your order.

    These strong Tournaire flasks are fully lacquered right up to the lip so that the contents never come into direct contact with the aluminium.  They come complete with a plastic plug and a cap with a tamper evident seal so they are extremely secure.

    They are ideal for storing and transporting all kinds of liquid perfumery ingredients and finished perfumes among many other uses.

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  • 30g and 50g Tournaire Bottles Deconstructed

    Aluminium Tournaire Bottle


    Aluminium bottles for ingredients, like those we use for the 30g and 50g sizes of our liquid ingredients, made available here just in case you want to add a few empty ones to your order.  See below for more details.


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  • 10ml amber bottle

    Amber Bottles


    10ml Amber bottles including polycone caps that make an excellent seal.  These are the same bottles and caps that we sell 10ml of liquid ingredients in.

    A pack of 20 bottles comes in one of our black boxes like those we use for kits.

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  • Naturals Starter Kit - box

    Black & Silver Storage Box


    These boxes are the ones we use for our 100 Essential Aroma Chemicals and Naturals Starter Kits, made of strong black card with the logo in bright sliver foil on the lid, and have a removable white foam insert in the base. See below for more details.

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  • 5ml clear bottle

    Clear Bottles


    These clear glass, 5ml bottles are ideal for blending on a small scale or for any application where you need to see the fill level or colour of the contents.  They come with polycone caps that make an excellent seal and are straight sided for easy labelling.

    These are the same bottles in which we give out free samples with most ingredients orders.

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  • Pasteur pipettes - glass

    Disposable Pipettes – Glass


    These are Pasteur type pipettes, with a cotton plug to prevent the material being sucked in from contaminating the teat.  They can be re-used if very carefully washed in alcohol but we recommend using them just once.  The glass can be recycled.

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  • Atomisers for perfume

    Perfume Atomiser Bottles


    Perfume atomiser bottles for you to use for your own perfumes.  These are all supplied complete with a good quality screw-fit pump and overcap

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