Testers, samples and sets of small bottles of fragrance to Discover Pell Wall

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Discover Pell Wall – Individual


A 10ml atomiser containing any one of the fine fragrances from the Pell Wall range.

Simply enter the name of the fragrance you’d like in the ‘Order Notes’ box at checkout.

If you’re thinking of buying more than one of these, may we suggest instead the Discover Pell Wall set of six? Those are supplied in a smart black box, and so represent excellent value for money and make a great gift.

Discover Pell Wall Set

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A set of six, attractive, 10ml bottles containing a selection of fragrances from the Pell Wall range, supplied in a smart branded Pell Wall Box. Great as a gift as well as a very nice way to discover what Pell Wall is all about.

You can choose any six fragrances from the range: simply enter the names of the ones you’d like included in the ‘Order Notes’ box at checkout.

Alternatively you can buy just one fragrance from the range in a 10ml bottle  if you prefer.