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  • 1953

    1953 (2)

    A range of fragrances inspired by Coronation Oil
  • Feminine Fragrances

    Feminine Fragrances (4)

    Fragrance styles most likely to appeal to women are in this category, though really no perfume has a gender so this is just a guide to help you find what you might like.
  • Masculine Fragrances

    Masculine Fragrances (4)

    Fragrances most likely to appeal to men are in this category, though no perfume has a gender so this is just a guide to help you find what you might like.
  • Unisex Fragrances

    Unisex Fragrances (18)

    Most Pell Wall fragrances are suitable for people of all genders: wear what appeals to you most and enjoy!
  • 1953 Eau de Toilette


    Named ‘1953‘ – after the year of the coronation – because among many special things involved in the accession to the throne of a British monarch perhaps the most special is the anointing – according to Wikipedia British Monarchs are the only ones still anointed as part of the ceremony and it is done with a specially made Coronation Oil – the ingredients for which have been similar since the 12th Century and include ambergris, civet, rose, jasmine, orange flower, cinnamon, musk and benzoin.

    1953 by Pell Wall Perfumes includes all those fine ingredients (though for ethical reasons using synthetic substitutes for civet and musk) in the very best qualities to be found.

    The Eau de Toilette is a very close olfactory match to the original, limited edition Parfum (now sold out), but the neroli top-notes and rose heart have been enhanced and it’s been given an extra boost to the diffusive power.

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  • 1953 Pour Homme


    Named ‘1953‘ – after the year of the coronation – because among many special things involved in the accession to the throne of a British monarch perhaps the most special is the anointing – according to Wikipedia British Monarchs are the only ones still anointed as part of the ceremony and it is done with a specially made Coronation Oil – the ingredients for which have been similar since the 12th Century and include ambergris, civet, rose, jasmine, orange flower, cinnamon, musk and benzoin.

    1953 Pour Homme by Pell Wall includes all those fine ingredients (though for ethical reasons using synthetic substitutes for civet and musk) in the very best qualities to be found.  With added cedarwood and tobacco in the heart to keep it masculine and extra-fresh cologne notes in the top it becomes a fresh, long-lasting, easy to wear masculine fragrance for the 21st Century, presented in a wood-clad black bottle.

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  • Anjin 100ml by Pell Wall



    Inspired by the character in James Clavell’s Shogun.   Citrus, spices and precious woods come together to make a lasting, special unisex fragrance with warmth and depth from sandalwood & styrax.  Sophistication and subtle strength

    Designed to last the whole night through and into morning, this is a spicy, vigorous fragrance with plenty of complexity to hold your interest.

    Sitting above the sandalwood are bright notes of pimento, coriander and clove with subtle floral undertones to add intrigue.


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  • Crowdsource


    “When all at once I saw a crowd”.  A big, animalic floral, this is the daffodil at it’s most impressive. A bold, bright scent for the individuallist and the powerful.

    Capturing the scent of the late flowering sweet narcissus required careful analysis of the scent of the real flower to determine the right ingredients – just one of which is the lovely but horribly expensive narcissus absolute – which also gives Crowdsource it’s colour. The fragrance is a sweet, rich, feminine floral, with an animal undertone that makes it instantly wearable and very suited to evening.

    The unusual name comes from a combination of the modern concept of crowdsourcing – rather the inverse of the way most of my own creative work is done, which is rather lonely – and, speaking of lonely, that excerpt from perhaps the best know poem by Wordsworth:

    When all at once I saw a crowd,
    A host of golden daffodils;
    Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
    Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.
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  • Deep Purple


    Not a retiring violet, but a beautiful fragrance for the rock and roll generation.  Naturalistic and sophisticated this is a bold statement on a man and an intelligent choice for a woman.

    One of the great classics of perfumery violet perfumes have been popular since the 17th century for the distinctive, sweet, floral aroma. Violet is combined with other scents in many, many fragrances but here we wanted to allow it to shine alone.

    You’ll recognise the character of the scent, though this isn’t sweetly candied like the little ‘parma violets’ sweets.  The tiny sweet violet flowers are unique and delicious when you get close to the flower – this fragrance makes that available with no need for crawling about in the garden.

    The violet fragrance is built up from a variety of ingredients, many of which are naturally extremely long-lasting, supported by some dry wood and moss to give it context, depth and a more muscular character: A perfect violet scent that isn’t too sticky-sweet

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  • Devana by Pell Wall 100ml



    Built around the unusual essential oil of Artemisia absinthium, with it’s unique herbal, dry scent and blue-green colour it gives a fresh opening to this distinctive fragrance. Green mandarin provides sharpness with blackcurrant and freesia following on.

    The long-lasting dry-down reveals subtle dry overtones and the softness of sandalwood, white musk and a hint of pink pepper.  Devana is a slightly heady, very fresh, clean and rather muscular interpretation of the key ingredient of Vermouth and Absinthe – presented here without the familiar aniseed note so that it can shine clearly through. Likely to appeal to fans of the Fougère style sharing as it does some of the characteristics of the classic masculine fragrance group, despite being made in an entirely novel way.

    Named for Slavic Goddess of the Hunt perhaps better know as the Greek Artemis or Roman Diana: Devana is as sharp as one of her arrows yet as soft as the dry forest floor, fresh as a breeze rustling summer leaves.

    This fragrance was previously sold under the name “Artemis by Pell Wall”: the name has changed but the fragrance is the same.

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  • Elavo by Pell Wall in 100ml and 30ml



    Hypo-allergenic Eau de Toilette. A sweet, fresh, fruity fragrance with a modern vibe. Tropical fruits, light woods and soft musks combine to give a fine unisex scent designed to reduce the risk of allergy even on the most sensitive skin.

    Our first hypoallergenic perfume is also an unusual and interesting scent. Rich with tropical fruit and precious woods it is as distinctive as it is useful.

    Elavo is designed to provide a light, fresh, clean and lasting, unisex scent with dominant fruity and woody notes and enough complexity to maintain interest without including ingredients liable to cause skin irritation even in those with very sensitive skins.

    A scent for those who usually can’t wear cologne or perfume.


    Elavo was previously sold under the name Haiku: the name has changed but the fragrance has not.

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  • Equisetum


    This is a classic, very masculine fragrance in the aromatic Fougère style, given a couple of unusual twists.

    I’ve used maximum permitted proportions of oakmoss with the addition of a tiny amount of cucumber to give it an unusual lift.

    Warmth and depth from ambergris and sandalwood and intrigue from tobacco and mint plus some subtle floral hints complete the picture.

    The name by the way, comes from the latin name for an ancient genus of plants closely related to ferns, but known to gardeners everywhere as a tough and difficult weed…  are you tough enough for Equisetum?

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  • Fruit Wood


    Two scents in one: first a bright, fresh burst of lemon-sherbet.  Then soft comforting woods softened with a little rose.  Easy to wear and that second scent is so versatile it will sit happily with another fragrance on top for evening.

    An unusual fragrance that starts off with a bright, loud, lemon-sherbet note: it soon mellows though fading into a soft, warm, luxurious woodiness as the rosewood, sandalwood and spices come through.

    The top-notes include precious neroli oil, lime and grapefruit, which are deepened with may chang, rose and the delicious fruity note of blackcurrant.

    An easy to wear scent, quite suited to daytime wear, with an undertone that will complement your choice of evening fragrance if you find yourself having to rush out to dinner with no time to change.

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  • Gin & Lime

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    A bright cologne-style fragrance to lift your mood night or day.  Imagine yourself in a summer garden as a lime is cut to make a garnish for your freshly chilled martini: you’re feeling better already!

    The intense fresh scent of cold gin and fresh lime is captured in the top-notes of this distinctive cologne.

    As the top-notes fade the subtle quality of ambergris, coriander and precious orange flower absolute keep the fragrance bright and clean.

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  • Gin & Lime Concentrée


    Imagine yourself on a summer afternoon in the garden, a freshly poured gin martini in front of you as a lime is cut to make a garnish for your drink: that intense fresh scent is captured in the top-notes of this distinctive fragrance.

    Just like the cologne but stronger, more lasting and luxurious: this is a martini made with the very best gin and the freshest lime.  Supported with lots of ambergris and orange flower absoute to keep it lively for longer.

    The 100ml size comes in the tall bottle and lovely wooden box illustrated here too.

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  • Green Carnation by Pell Wall 100ml and 30ml

    Green Carnation


    This easy-to-wear fragrance is designed to capture the concept of the carnation more than imitate the scent but it is immediately recognisable and unusually for a masculine fragrance is presented in Eau de Parfum strength so it projects and lasts very well.

    “The only way to deal with a temptation is to yeild to it”
    Oscar Wilde

    Top-notes of cut grass, green mandarin and clove are sharp, fresh and clean.
    Quickly followed by a soft, powdery carnation scent with green notes of galbanum. The base notes are a very complex amber and floral musk blend with olibanum and a prominent note of oakmoss.
    Capturing the concept of the carnation more than imitating the scent it is immediately recognisable nevertheless.

    A great fragrance to bring out the wit and bon vivant in you.

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  • Jacinth


    A bright, brash unashamedly feminine perfume that can go from Boardroom to Ballroom without batting an eyelid.

    There are notes of sweet pea, narcissus, rose and lily, built on a base of ambergris and vanilla and enlivened with green mandarin and orange flowers.

    This is a fun fragrance that won’t be out of place at work, yet can party all night.

    That lovely orange colour comes from a combination of the natural deep-orange and yellow colour of some of the oils used (narcissus in particular) plus just a little of the same rose-tinted alcohol made with petals collected in Shropshire that I use for Pretty in Pink.

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  • Lasting Lavender by Pell Wall 100ml and 30ml

    Lasting Lavender


    The distinctive lavender note in a feminine form that lasts. Supported with a little rose geranium, crushed violet leaves and a little rosemary. It’s underpinned with white musks, ambergris and a very subtle woods.

    Natural lavender oil is a top-note and as such tends to be quite fleeting. Artificial lavender can last longer but tends to smell synthetic – we wanted to create something that would feel natural and last well too.

    Part of the answer is lavender absolute – longer lasting than the essential oil and even more true to the scent of fresh lavender, the amount in the blend is limited by its strongly green colour. Together with some top-quality lavender essential oil, in Lasting Lavender this is supported with rose geranium, crushed violet leaves and a little rosemary.

    A complex base of white musks, ambergris and subtle woods with some special ingredients to improve longevity keep it fresh, feminine and floral for hours and hours, staying lovely even after the lavender starts to fade.

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  • Minted Mornings by Pell Wall, 100ml and 30ml

    Minted Mornings


    Fresh, minty brightness, followed by mellow woods and sophisticated amber. Whether you’re minted, or just wish you were, this is the scent for your mornings!

    Eau de Toilette designed to freshen up in the morning, giving you a light minty-fresh lift at the start of the day.

    Later in the day though, the mintiness would no-longer be desirable – fear not, it will fade away leaving a soft, warm, mellow scent to comfort you all day.

    The top-notes include several varieties of mint, tea-tree and juniper to give you that bright start in the morning. Hidden beneath these, waiting for later are frankincense, sandalwood and light musk.

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  • Orange Spice


    A cologne-style fragrance designed to last like no cologne before it. For supper-fresh orange, neroli and tangerine with a vetiver support and ultra long-lasting citrus notes, this is for when you need some staying power in your perfume.

    This is a bright, clean, long-lasting fragrance suited to both men and women.

    It opens with the orangy-citrus you’d expect supported with precious neroli, mandarin and tangerine. At its heart are exotic spices, dark orange flower, petitgrain and a lasting fruity orange note.

    The base notes are a sophisticated blend of ambergris, frankincense, sandalwood and vetiver with a subtle note of leathery castoreum bolstering the drydown.

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  • Persian Prince


    A very English interpretation of the classic Persian scent of hyacinths: a bright, clean, striking green-floral fragrance that is especially evocative on a summers day.

    This is a smooth, strong interpretation of hyacinth – this naturally  brash flower is here made easy to wear – in composing this scent we imagined blue hyacinths but couldn’t get the fragrance to go blue without bunging in a load of artificial colour, so green it is!

    In this composition there is some very low-key white musk underneath to help the scent last and a little lemon on top to keep it bright, but nothing to interfere with the clear hyacinth scent. A perfect daytime fragrance that isn’t too sweet and can be worn by anyone.

    The name by the way reflects the use of hyacinth in the traditional Persian / Iranian new year celebration as one of the Seven S’s or Haft Seen – the Persian name for hyacinth being sonbol.

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  • Pretty in Pink by Pell Wall, 100ml

    Pretty in Pink

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Inspired by English gardens & bright summer dresses. This is a grown-up rose fragrance with subtle vanilla and notes of lily, neroli and light jasmine. With enough natural rose to decimate a field of them, while white musk and ambergris provide the base.

    A subtle, sweet, distinctly feminine perfume featuring roses and lilies with a hint of jasmine and violet. The dry-down has white musk, vanilla and sandalwood while the top-notes include the unusual bergamot-mint and floral neroli.

    Think bright summer dresses and English gardens for grown-ups.

    Speaking of English gardens, that soft pink colour comes from rose petals collected in Shropshire combined with careful selection of essential oils that are naturally clear and a trace of gromwell root oil.

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