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1953 Eau de Toilette


Named ‘1953‘ – after the year of the coronation – because among many special things involved in the accession to the throne of a British monarch perhaps the most special is the anointing – according to Wikipedia British Monarchs are the only ones still anointed as part of the ceremony and it is done with a specially made Coronation Oil – the ingredients for which have been similar since the 12th Century and include ambergris, civet, rose, jasmine, orange flower, cinnamon, musk and benzoin.

1953 by Pell Wall Perfumes includes all those fine ingredients (though for ethical reasons using synthetic substitutes for civet and musk) in the very best qualities to be found.

The Eau de Toilette is a very close olfactory match to the original, limited edition Parfum (now sold out), but the neroli top-notes and rose heart have been enhanced and it’s been given an extra boost to the diffusive power.


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A bright, brash unashamedly feminine perfume that can go from Boardroom to Ballroom without batting an eyelid.

There are notes of sweet pea, narcissus, rose and lily, built on a base of ambergris and vanilla and enlivened with green mandarin and orange flowers.

This is a fun fragrance that won’t be out of place at work, yet can party all night.

That lovely orange colour comes from a combination of the natural deep-orange and yellow colour of some of the oils used (narcissus in particular) plus just a little of the same rose-tinted alcohol made with petals collected in Shropshire that I use for Pretty in Pink.

Lasting Lavender

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The distinctive lavender note in a feminine form that lasts. Supported with a little rose geranium, crushed violet leaves and a little rosemary. It’s underpinned with white musks, ambergris and a very subtle woods.

Natural lavender oil is a top-note and as such tends to be quite fleeting. Artificial lavender can last longer but tends to smell synthetic – we wanted to create something that would feel natural and last well too.

Part of the answer is lavender absolute – longer lasting than the essential oil and even more true to the scent of fresh lavender, the amount in the blend is limited by its strongly green colour. Together with some top-quality lavender essential oil, in Lasting Lavender this is supported with rose geranium, crushed violet leaves and a little rosemary.

A complex base of white musks, ambergris and subtle woods with some special ingredients to improve longevity keep it fresh, feminine and floral for hours and hours, staying lovely even after the lavender starts to fade.

Pretty in Pink

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Inspired by English gardens & bright summer dresses. This is a grown-up rose fragrance with subtle vanilla and notes of lily, neroli and light jasmine. With enough natural rose to decimate a field of them, while white musk and ambergris provide the base.

A subtle, sweet, distinctly feminine perfume featuring roses and lilies with a hint of jasmine and violet. The dry-down has white musk, vanilla and sandalwood while the top-notes include the unusual bergamot-mint and floral neroli.

Think bright summer dresses and English gardens for grown-ups.

Speaking of English gardens, that soft pink colour comes from rose petals collected in Shropshire combined with careful selection of essential oils that are naturally clear and a trace of gromwell root oil.