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1953 Pour Homme

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Named ‘1953‘ – after the year of the coronation – because among many special things involved in the accession to the throne of a British monarch perhaps the most special is the anointing – according to Wikipedia British Monarchs are the only ones still anointed as part of the ceremony and it is done with a specially made Coronation Oil – the ingredients for which have been similar since the 12th Century and include ambergris, civet, rose, jasmine, orange flower, cinnamon, musk and benzoin.

1953 Pour Homme by Pell Wall includes all those fine ingredients (though for ethical reasons using synthetic substitutes for civet and musk) in the very best qualities to be found.  With added cedarwood and tobacco in the heart to keep it masculine and extra-fresh cologne notes in the top it becomes a fresh, long-lasting, easy to wear masculine fragrance for the 21st Century, presented in a wood-clad black bottle.


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Built around the unusual essential oil of Artemisia absinthium, with it’s unique herbal, dry scent and blue-green colour it gives a fresh opening to this distinctive fragrance. Green mandarin provides sharpness with blackcurrant and freesia following on.

The long-lasting dry-down reveals subtle dry overtones and the softness of sandalwood, white musk and a hint of pink pepper.  Devana is a slightly heady, very fresh, clean and rather muscular interpretation of the key ingredient of Vermouth and Absinthe – presented here without the familiar aniseed note so that it can shine clearly through. Likely to appeal to fans of the Fougère style sharing as it does some of the characteristics of the classic masculine fragrance group, despite being made in an entirely novel way.

Named for Slavic Goddess of the Hunt perhaps better know as the Greek Artemis or Roman Diana: Devana is as sharp as one of her arrows yet as soft as the dry forest floor, fresh as a breeze rustling summer leaves.

This fragrance was previously sold under the name “Artemis by Pell Wall”: the name has changed but the fragrance is the same.



This is a classic, very masculine fragrance in the aromatic Fougère style, given a couple of unusual twists.

I’ve used maximum permitted proportions of oakmoss with the addition of a tiny amount of cucumber to give it an unusual lift.

Warmth and depth from ambergris and sandalwood and intrigue from tobacco and mint plus some subtle floral hints complete the picture.

The name by the way, comes from the latin name for an ancient genus of plants closely related to ferns, but known to gardeners everywhere as a tough and difficult weed…  are you tough enough for Equisetum?

Green Carnation

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This easy-to-wear fragrance is designed to capture the concept of the carnation more than imitate the scent but it is immediately recognisable and unusually for a masculine fragrance is presented in Eau de Parfum strength so it projects and lasts very well.

“The only way to deal with a temptation is to yeild to it”
Oscar Wilde

Top-notes of cut grass, green mandarin and clove are sharp, fresh and clean.
Quickly followed by a soft, powdery carnation scent with green notes of galbanum. The base notes are a very complex amber and floral musk blend with olibanum and a prominent note of oakmoss.
Capturing the concept of the carnation more than imitating the scent it is immediately recognisable nevertheless.

A great fragrance to bring out the wit and bon vivant in you.