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Fragrances inspired by cocktails and other alcoholic drinks.

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  • Devana by Pell Wall 100ml


    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Built around the unusual essential oil of Artemisia absinthium, with it’s unique herbal, dry scent and blue-green colour it gives a fresh opening to this distinctive fragrance. Green mandarin provides sharpness with blackcurrant and freesia following on.

    The long-lasting dry-down reveals subtle dry overtones and the softness of sandalwood, white musk and a hint of pink pepper.  Devana is a slightly heady, very fresh, clean and rather muscular interpretation of the key ingredient of Vermouth and Absinthe – presented here without the familiar aniseed note so that it can shine clearly through. Likely to appeal to fans of the Fougère style sharing as it does some of the characteristics of the classic masculine fragrance group, despite being made in an entirely novel way.

    Named for Slavic Goddess of the Hunt perhaps better know as the Greek Artemis or Roman Diana: Devana is as sharp as one of her arrows yet as soft as the dry forest floor, fresh as a breeze rustling summer leaves.

    This fragrance was previously sold under the name “Artemis by Pell Wall”: the name has changed but the fragrance is the same.

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  • Gin & Lime

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    A bright cologne-style fragrance to lift your mood night or day.  Imagine yourself in a summer garden as a lime is cut to make a garnish for your freshly chilled martini: you’re feeling better already!

    The intense fresh scent of cold gin and fresh lime is captured in the top-notes of this distinctive cologne.

    As the top-notes fade the subtle quality of ambergris, coriander and precious orange flower absolute keep the fragrance bright and clean.

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  • Gin & Lime Concentrée

    Rated 4.00 out of 5

    Imagine yourself on a summer afternoon in the garden, a freshly poured gin martini in front of you as a lime is cut to make a garnish for your drink: that intense fresh scent is captured in the top-notes of this distinctive fragrance.

    Just like the cologne but stronger, more lasting and luxurious: this is a martini made with the very best gin and the freshest lime.  Supported with lots of ambergris and orange flower absoute to keep it lively for longer.

    The 100ml size comes in the tall bottle and lovely wooden box illustrated here too.

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  • Viva Verde


    A clear cucumber note supported with subtle rose underpinned with ambergris & light musk. Top notes include mint and crushed violet leaves. Bright, clean and fresh, just like a martini garnished with a slice of fresh cucumber.

    This smart, unisex cologne is suited to day and evening wear in many situations.

    Like Gin & Lime, Viva Verde was inspired by an unusual gin-martini and contains bright clear notes of juniper and citrus but, as you’d expect, this one is green at heart.

    Featuring a prominent cucumber note backed up with subtle rose and underpinned with a base of ambergris, there are also notes of mint and crushed violet leaves.

    Bright, clean and fresh, just like a martini garnished with a slice of fresh cucumber, this cologne can work it’s sophisticated magic day or night.

    The Latin name means Green Life or Long Live Green and this fragrance has the unique distinction of having been named by one of  its early buyers.

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