Ingredients for Perfumery

Fine quality ingredients for people who make perfumes either for themselves or for sale.
Please note that all items in this category are prepared to your order: we don’t hold pre-prepared stocks in the sizes we sell.
This means that large orders may take a little longer to prepare and also that these materials cannot be returned for a refund unless there is a fault of some kind.

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  • Aroma Chemicals

    Aroma Chemicals (385)

    The largest category of aromatic materials, this includes single molecules and mixtures; both liquids and solids, synthetic and natural isolates.
  • Blends and bases

    Blends and bases (42)

    Ingredients for perfumery that consist of a mixture of multiple materials produced to a consistent formula. Includes both industry standard bases and proprietary blends and bases.
  • High impact materials

    High impact materials (70)

    Very high impact materials used in perfumery in traces, that can have a profound effect on a fragrance even in vanishingly small amounts. Many are presented here in dilution to make them more practical to work with, though almost all are likely to require further dilution for blending on a small scale. Included here are materials such as the aliphatic aldehydes, pyrazines, furanones and pyridine.
  • Kits

    Kits (9)

    Pre-selected perfumery materials sold together making a very good value way to buy a whole collection of materials.
  • Liquids

    Liquids (418)

    Ingredients for perfumery that are normally liquid at room temperature in the form supplied.
  • Molecules

    Molecules (349)

    Ingredients for perfumery where the primary constituent is one molecule, whether synthetically produced or extracted from a natural product. Note that purity levels vary a great deal and some molecules are mixtures of multiple isomers.
  • Natural Ingredients for Perfumery

    Natural Ingredients for Perfumery (63)

    Products of natural origin used in perfume making, including essential oils, absolutes, natural isolates and tinctures.
  • Solids

    Solids (46)

    Ingredients for perfumery that are normally solid at room temperature in the form supplied. These includes crystals, powders and materials that are normally melted prior to use. Note that some materials, particularly when supplied in small containers, may remain liquid even when cooled although larger amounts will solidify.
  • Solvents & additives

    Solvents & additives (13)

    Materials used primarily as solvents or additives, usually odourless or nearly so. Note that most liquid perfumery materials will also function as solvents: this category is for those used for that purpose either as general solvents or for particular materials. Also in this category are additives with other functions, such as stabilisers, that are either odourless or not mainly used for their odour.
  • 2-Decalinol



    CAS No. 825-51-4

    Odour (decreasing): Sweet, clean, floral-rose, minty, muguet, mild.

    Solvent: -none added

    Main Synonyms: decahydro-2-naphthol, 2-hydroxydecalin

    See below for more description

  • 2-Ethyl fenchol Product Image

    2-Ethyl fenchol


    CAS No. 18368-91-7

    Odour (decreasing): Fungus, earthy, damp-soil, patchouli

    Solvent: -none added

    Main Synonyms: Terrasol

    See below for more description.

  • Aldehyde C14 Peach (gamma-Undecalactone) Product Image

    Aldehyde C14 Peach (gamma-Undecalactone)


    CAS No. 104-67-6

    Odour (decreasing): Fruity-peach, creamy, fatty, lactonic, powerful.

    Solvent: -none added

    Main Synonyms: gamma-Undecalactone

    See below for more description

  • Ambermax 50 Product Image

    Ambermax 50

    5.00 out of 5

    CAS No. 929625-08-1, 1001252-30-7

    Odour (decreasing): Amber, slightly woody, very intense and substantive

    Solvent: TPM 50%

    Manufacturer: Givaudan

    See below for more description and documentation

  • Amyl Acetate Product Image

    Amyl Acetate

    Sale! £6.00£82.00

    CAS No. 628-63-7

    Odour (decreasing): Ethereal, fresh-fruity, reminiscent of pear, banana and apple

    Solvent: -none added

    Main Synonyms:  Amyl acetates; iso-Amyl acetate; pentyl acetate; Pear Oil; Pear Ether

    See below for more description and documentation

  • Aphermate Product Image


    4.00 out of 5
    Sale! £6.00£39.00

    CAS No. 25225-08-5

    Odour (decreasing): Fresh, pine, herbal, earthy, seashore

    Solvent: -none added

    Manufacturer: IFF

    Main synonym: cyclohexane-1-methanol,alpha,3,3-trimethyl formate

    See below for more description and documentation

  • beta-Caryophyllene Product Image



    CAS No. 87-44-5

    Odour (decreasing): Sweet, woody-spice, clove, dry. Tenacious

    Solvent: -none added

    Main Synonyms: beta-Humulene 

  • Bicyclononalactone


    Sale! £5.00£64.00

    CAS No. 4430-31-3

    Odour (decreasing): Sweet, almond, vanilla, coumarin, hay, coconut

    Solvent: -none added

    Manufacturer: IFF

    Main Synonyms: 3,4,4a,5,6,7,8,8a-octahydrochromen-2-one; 2-oxa-bicyclo(4.4.0)decan-3-one; cyclo hexyl lactone; octahydrocoumarin; octahydrochromen-2-one

    See below for more description and documentation

  • Bornafix Product Image


    4.00 out of 5
    Sale! £5.00£45.00

    CAS No. 128119-70-0

    Odour (decreasing): Woody-cedar, amber, warm; diffusive, fixative

    Solvent: -none added

    Manufacturer (if known): IFF

    Main Synonyms:  2-methyl-3-(1,7,7-trimethylnorbornan-2-yl)oxy-propan-1-ol, woody propanol

    See below for more description and documentation

  • Cedarwood, Virginian, Fresh Product Image

    Cedarwood Virginian, fresh


    Virginian Cedarwood, fresh

    CAS No. 8000-27-9

    Odour (decreasing): Woody, pencil-shavings, dry, balsamic, clean, amber. Fixative

    Solvent: -none added

    Main Synonyms: Juniperus virginiana

    See below for more description

  • Cedramber Product Image


    Sale! £5.00£49.00

    CAS No. 19870-74-7 

    Odour (decreasing): Woody, cedarwood, amber. Very diffusive

    Solvent: -none added

    Manufacturer: IFF

    Main Synonyms: MCE, methyl cedryl ether 

    See below for more description and documentation

  • Celestolide Product Image



    CAS No. 13171-00-1

    Odour (decreasing):Musk, powdery, fruity, slightly animalic, bright, clean.

    Solvent: -none added             Manufacturer: IFF

    Main synonyms: 4-ACETYL-6-tertiary -BUTYL-1,1 -DIMETHYLINDAN

    See below for more description