Natural Ingredients for Perfumery

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  • Tobacco Absolute Product Image

    Tobacco Absolute

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    CAS No. 8037-19-2

    Odour (decreasing): Warm-tobacco, sweet, hay-like, moss woody. Powerful

    Solvent: -none added

    Main Synonyms: Nicotiana tabaccum 

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  • Pell Wall Ingredient Tolu Balsam 100

    Tolu Balsam (solid) – out of stock

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  • Tolu Balsam

    Tolu Balsam at 30% in TEC


    CAS No. 9000-64-1

    Odour (decreasing): Sweet-balsamic, ambery, spicy-cinnamic, fruity

    Solvent: TEC to form a 30% solution of Tolu Balsam 

    Main Synonyms: Myroxylon balsamum

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  • Vanilla Absolute Product Image

    Vanilla Absolute 50%

    Rated 4.00 out of 5

    CAS No. 8024-06-4

    Odour (decreasing): Balsamic, vanilla-beans, vanillin. Extremely tenacious

    Solvent: 50/50 mix of DPG and ethanol to give a 50% solution of Vanilla Absolute (with 25% ethanol and 25% DPG)

    Main Synonyms: Vanilla planifolia 

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  • Violet Leaf Absolute Product Image

    Violet Leaf Absolute


    CAS No. 8024-08-6

    Odour (decreasing): Green-leafy, floral-violet. Diffusive and powerful

    Solvent: -none added

    Main Synonyms: Viola odorata 

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