100 Essential Aroma Chemicals, Kit One

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Kit One of Five

Please note that although these sets are available on backorder, once existing stocks are used we won’t be able to make more until January 2018

A Kit of the first 20 of the 100 Essential Aroma Chemicals containing one 10ml bottle of each material in a strong, attractive box that they can be kept in.  The kits are intended to be purchased in numerical order, but you can buy them all together or in whatever order best suits you. If you wish, you can save on shipping charges and get a reduction in the total cost by buying all five kits at once here.

A full list of what is included is in the product description below.

Kit Two can be purchased here if you don’t already have it and we also offer a Discovery KitNaturals Starter Kit and Blending Kit that you might like to explore.

In stock (can be backordered)


The 100 Essential Aroma Chemicals Series

The 100 Essential Aroma Chemicals Series consists of five kits, each of 20 materials, that together constitute some of the most useful materials available to the modern perfumer.    The first job of any beginning perfumer is to learn your materials and the huge selection available can seem overwhelming: the idea of these kits is that that can be purchased in order, so that you can get to know 20 ingredients at a time.  Each kit provides enough material to give plenty of scope for experimentation, blending and learning before adding another 20 to your palette.  By the time you have the full series you’ll have the 100 most useful materials at your disposal and you’ll know each one well enough to be able to put it to good use.

Kit One: the first 20

Most materials are supplied pure but some, either for ease of handling or because they are very powerful, are diluted as specified in the list:

Ingredients in the kit:

4 reviews for 100 Essential Aroma Chemicals, Kit One

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    theo.internet (verified owner)

    Kit arrived promptly and it was sent signed for.
    Very well packaged and in a good quality box.
    All, bottles are labeled clearly (including labels on leads)
    Ingredients measured accurately.

    Overall very good service by Chris!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    paul19691 (verified owner)

    I ordered Kit#1 recently and very satisfied with my 20 amber bottles, all clearly labelled (including labelled tops) and packaged in a nice presentation/storage box. My order confirmation e-mail included who was delivering along with associated parcel tracking number. Looking forward to ordering Kits#2-5 as I progress on my fragrance journey.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    ch.enzensperger (verified owner)

    Fantastic selection for many different formulations.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chris Osborne (verified owner)

    When I was young, my mother smelled of lavender; my gran of 4711; passing hippies exuded patchouli; and young men wore aftershave, hoping to be attacked by Valerie Leon.

    My best pal had boxes containing vials of essential oils (his father was a chemist in a fragrance department).
    We sniffed the exotic odours of ylang-ylang & cedarwood: rare secrets then, in those days before aromatherapy.

    These days fragrances are everywhere: we choose washing powder according to how we want our knickers to smell;
    we are bombarded by incomprehensible adverts for fine perfumes; but nobody seems to know anything about where
    these aromas come from. (And perfumes don’t list their ingredients). It seems we really neglect our sense of smell.

    Go into any bookshop & there are books about vision (painting & photography), hearing (music), taste (all those cookery books!), and all sorts of crafts to keep our hands busy, but I asked in three good bookshops about perfume and all they could do was point me towards books on aromatherapy.

    It’s as if I wanted to study mineralogy and was shown books on crystal healing.
    (Maybe you think that oil of bergamot can re-align your chakras, but personally I think the only way you can
    get ‘energy’ from essential oils is by burning them.)

    Only the wine tasters seem to make any kind of effort (cats pee on a gooseberry bush anyone?)

    So I bought ‘kit #1 the first 20 essential aroma chemicals’ from Pell Wall out of pure curiosity. What were these
    substances we probably smell every day?

    It arrived very quickly (despite warnings on the web site about possible delays) and came with a free sample of
    Sylvamber too. And the smell, on opening the box, was wonderful.

    I’ve learnt things already. I now know that my sense of smell is better at night than in the morning (I’d have
    guessed the reverse.) A young lady walked past me & I thought ‘Aurantiol?’ whereas before I would have had no
    way to describe any element of her perfume.

    I don’t know much, but it’s much more than before.

    And I have my own box of exotic odours.

    This kit isn’t just a box of nice smelling chemicals, it’s an entry ticket to the Guild of Alchemists.
    If I mix them in exactly the right proportions then, just maybe, I can conjure up a youthful Valerie Leon…

    But please don’t tell the wife!

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