2-Tridecenal, 1%


CAS No. 7774-82-5

Odour (decreasing): Citrus-lime, coriander, fresh, peel, waxy. Powerful and tenacious

Solvent: – Ethanol (denat.) to form a 1% solution of 2-Tridecenal.

Main Synonyms:  2-tridecenal (high trans), 3-decyl acrolein, tridec-2-enal

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Description and usage notes:

A rarely offered and unusual aldehyde that can add significant realism and freshness to citrus and fruity creations among others.  It has a very distinctive cilantro / coriander leaf aspect that isn’t found in the more usual aldehydes.  It is very fresh and works particularly well with lime oil.  Not to be confused with Tridecanal.

In fragrances it is also useful to add lift and diffusion (in a similar way to that provided by trans-2-cis-6-nonadienal or cis-6-Nonenol).  In this context very tiny traces are used: indeed it is rare that more than a trace will appear in any fragrance.

Arctander says that  “it introduces great power, diffusion and lift to the aroma, reviving an overly sweet Citrus complex, etc.” 

The material offered here is predominately the trans isomer, at a minimum 95% purity (prior to dilution to 1% by Pell Wall) and stabilised with  α-tocopherol.

This material is both extremely powerful and quite expensive and as such is presented for sale at 1% in Ethanol: should you need 2-Tridecenal for an application in which ethanol would not be appropriate, we also offer the undiluted material.


Safety Data Sheet


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