CAS No. 100-06-1

Odour (decreasing): Sweet, floral-hawthorn, cyclamen, anisic, powdery, balsamic, acacia

Solvent:  50% TEC

Main Synonyms: Aubepinol, Crataegon, Heliopon, Melitone, Melilot

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Description and usage notes:

Sweet hawthorn anisic powdery balsamic acacia. Can contribute to replacing both Heliotropine and Coumarin.

Arctander describes it as “Sweet, but somewhat harsh, haylike odor with floral-animal notes. Suggestive of Hawthorne, Mimosa, Heliotrope, etc. Relatively stable in soap and under similar, mild-alkaline conditions. Used in woody-floral fragrances such as Cassie, Mimosa, Fougere, Chypre, New-Mown Hay, in herbaceous citrus types, etc.” 

This material is solid at room temperature and requires melting for use.  As a result we offer it by default at 50% in TEC so that it is easy to use, while being as near to full strength as practicable.  If you prefer pure we make a small additional charge to melt it for you but the price of the material itself is the same – please indicate your preference in the box at checkout.  Note that you only need to pay the melting charge once however much Acetanisole you’re buying.


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