Aldehyde C10 (Decanal)


CAS No. 112-31-2

Odour (decreasing): Sweet, aldehydic, fresh, orange, waxy and floral. Powerful

Solvent: -none added

Main Synonyms: Decanal, Decyl aldehyde

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Description and usage notes:

One of the most useful of the saturated aliphatic aldehydes: softer and easier to use than C8, it gives good floral reinforcement and is commonly used in combination with higher aldehydes.

Arctander says this of it: “Excellent for Citrus topnotes, for NeroIi, Rose, Jasmin, Violet, Acacia, etc. and blends well with Linalool and related alcohols, Cyclamal and other floral aldehydes, and combines pleasantly with the conventional alifatic aldehydes.” 


Safety Data Sheet


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