Aldehyde C11 enic (hendecenal)


CAS No. 112-45-8

Odour (decreasing): Waxy, soapy, floral-aldehydic, citrus, green, fatty, fresh laundry

Solvent: -none added

Main Synonyms: Undecenyl aldehyde, Aldehyde C11 undecylenic, Aldehyde C11 enic, hendecenal, Aldehyde C111

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Description and usage notes:

Among the most commonly used aldehydes for ‘aldehydic’ effect. Often used with other aldehydes up to levels of a few percent but usually much less: Trace amounts give rich, natural, floral effects and add sparkle to top-notes.

Arctander describes the odour as: “Powerful, mildly waxy, rosy-citrusy odor of moderate to good tenacity. The odor could be classified as one of the prototypes of the term: ‘aldehydic’ door.”  he goes on to point out that “The material polymerizes in air, and forms adduct (addition-products) with Amines (Indole, Anthranilates, Quinolines, etc.).” and also tells us that it is “one of the most frequently used of all the alifatic aldehydes, although the concentration in perfume oils is normally as low as 0.1 to 0.5 %. Its unusual diffusive power, the lift and radiation it can introduce in a fragrance, are highly appreciated effects even in soap perfumes. As a supporting note to Rose, Ambre, Moss and many other fragrance types, it is a very versatile material.”


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