Aldehyde Mandarin



CAS No. 20407-84-5

Odour (decreasing): Citrus-mandarin, spicy-coriander, fatty, metallic.  Very powerful.

Solvent: TEC to form a 1% solution of mandarine aldehyde.

Main Synonyms: trans-2-Dodecenal; (E)-Dodec-2-en-1-al; mandarin aldehyde

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Description and usage notes:

Typically powerful aldehyde impact, here with a distinctive mandarin and coriander character, it’s more versatile than you might expect: as well as being used to support and enhance notes of mandarin and coriander it can also, in traces, work with materials such as Cucumber Aldehyde to give a more natural effect resembling the skin of cucumber or melon.

The power of this material is not to be underestimated. Firmenich supply it at 10% in TEC but we are offering it further diluted to 1% to make it more usable.

Firmenich describe it as: “Odor: Powerful complex odour of bitter orange, mandarin and coriander. Use: A uniquely long-lasting citrus mandarin note with superior diffusion that is versatile in a wide range of fragrance types.” 

Arctander says this of it: “Powerful citrusy odor, unpleasant gassy, choking at high concentration, but interestingly natural, Orange-Mandarin-like in extreme dilution.” he goes on to say that it has “some use in perfumery, but it takes quite some experience and skill to fully utilize the character of this aldehyde without having its unpleasant notes dominating the composition.” 

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5ml, 10ml, 30g, 50g


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