Allyl cyclohexyl propionate


CAS No. 2705-87-5

Odour (decreasing): Sweet, pineapple, tropical fruit, sweets, waxy. Very substantive.

Solvent: -none added

Main Synonyms:  ACHP, Allyl Cyclo Hexyl Propionate, Allyl cyclohexylpropionate, Allylcyclohexylpropionate, pineapple ester

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Description and usage notes:

A powerful, sweet fruity material mainly used as a modifier for materials such as linalyl acetate, ethyl methyl 2 butyrate and other fruity esters. It also has a herbal and floral aspect somewhat reminiscent of the apple-like scent of fresh chamomile.

Arctander tells us it has a “powerful and sweet-fruity odor of Pineapple. Smoother and sweeter than Allyl caproate. Fruitiness similar to that of Linalyl acetate.” 

Much longer lasting than the typical fruity esters, this material can still be detected after more than a week on a smelling strip.  Although typical use levels are usually quoted as 0.5% to 10% of the concentrate, at Pell Wall we’ve found amounts as low as 0.02% can provide effective support to other fruity notes.


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