Aluminium Tournaire Bottle


Aluminium bottles for ingredients, like those we use for the 30g and 50g sizes of our liquid ingredients, made available here just in case you want to add a few empty ones to your order.  See below for more details.


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These bottles come with plugs and secure caps and are fully lacquered right up to and including the pouring lip at the top, so materials stored in them never come into direct contact with the aluminium.  They pour well, are very light weight, completely light-proof and have a small footprint so they make excellent perfume organ containers.

They are made in France by the Tournaire company to very high standards.  Each 50g bottle weighs 16g or 19.5g with plug and cap, while the 30g size come in at 12.5g and 15g with plug and cap.

We realise the pricing may look odd but due to the volumes sold by the manufacturer the 50g size are actually slightly cheaper than the 30g size.

Additional information

Weight .02 g
Ingredients Bottle Size

30g, 50g

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