Ambrettolide IFF

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CAS No. 28645-51-5

Odour (decreasing): Musk, ambrette, fruity-berry. Radiant and excellent fixative

Solvent: -none added

Manufacturer:  IFF

Main Synonyms: (9Z)-17-oxacycloheptadec-9-en-1-one; iso-Ambrettolide; hexadec-9-en-1,16 lactone; lanbrettolide; scentolide.

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Description and usage notes:

An extremely fine macrocyclic musk of great diffusion and power, this a close analog of the musk that occurs naturally in Ambrette seed oil (though despite many claims, not identical with that musk) and one of the most effective. In traces it will enhance other ingredients and is especially effective used in combination with Exaltolide and Ethylene brassylate. Classic musk note with a subtle fruity backnote often likened to red-berries.

Almost everyone sells this musk as Ambrettolide (usually manufactured by IFF, Givaudan or Symrise, though other manufacturers also make it) but it is more correctly called iso-Ambrettolide.  The musk found in Ambrette seeds is slightly different and has the CAS number 7779-50-2 though to add to the confusion that is also often, incorrectly, applied to this musk by sellers who don’t appreciate the difference.

Arctander says it is “is one of the finest fixatives among the distinguished group of those showing a synergistic and amplifying effect upon perfumes and flavors. At the same time it increases the diffusiveness of fragrances in which it is incorporated. Its fixative effect is easily recognized by the fact that solutions of 0.01% Ambrettolide (or even less) in slightly diluted alcohol show practically no odor of alcohol, only a faint, floral-musky, sweet and pleasant odor of the lactone. A. is particularly useful in fragrance types of delicately floral, mildly animal or Ambre-like type.”

Calkin & Jellinek say that  “Ambrettolide, although one of the most expensive of the synthetic musks, when used in trace amounts has a wonderful effect in ‘rounding off’ the character of a perfume, working as much in the top note as in the base.” 


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    thefragrantmind (verified owner)

    Outstanding and simply breathtaking! An absolute must in any perfumer’s organ. Radiant, glorious and sparkly…I am deeply in love with it!

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