Ambrinol 95 (at 10% in ethanol)

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CAS No. 41199-19-3

Odour (decreasing): Ambergris, natural, musky, animalic, tobacco. Powerful and diffusive

Solvent: Ethanol (denat) to form a 10% solution of Ambrinol 95

Manufacturer: IFF, dilution by Pell Wall

Main Synonyms: 1,2,3,4,4a,5,6,7-octahydro-2,5,5-trimethyl-2-naphthol; amber naphthalenol; alpha-ambrinol

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Description and usage notes:

Ambrinol 95 is the highest purity form of ambrinol commercially available (95%) and offers perfumers a cruicial part of the odour of natural ambergris. A hugely powerful (and still expensive) material it is offered here at 10% in ethanol, but even then should be further diluted prior to use.

IFF describe it like this: “Possesses the elegant tonalities of aged natural ambergris tincture. Tobacco, leathery nuances and the power of oceanic seaweed notes supported with a warm animalic, musky dry down“.

Traces of Ambrinol 95 can be used in all perfume types to add naturalness, depth, complexity and texture; it can be particularly interesting in woody, oriental, Chypre and floral creations. A touch of Ambrinol 95 can transform a labdanum-based amber accord into a natural ambergris note.

Writing in the 1960s Arctander had this to say about the potential of a material not yet part of the palette: “The title materials are briefly mentioned in this work because of their potential interest to the perfumer. They are natural components of Ambregris, and they are considered of major importance to the olfactory properties of natural Ambregris and Ambregris tincture. Although the materials have been synthesized, and also obtained as isolates from natural Ambregris, they are not yet commercially available under the name Ambrinol. Closely related chemicals are made syntheically at lower cost, but not of the same attractive olfactory effect …When the title materials become commercially available at an attractive price, they will undoubtedly find their way into perfumery as part of Ambre bases, new perfume types, specialities etc.“ He was of course right and Ambrinols have been used in bases such as Ambergris Oliffac (an IFF product, recently discontinued) for many years.


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2 reviews for Ambrinol 95 (at 10% in ethanol)

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Thomas (verified owner)

    Powerful stuff !
    You need to dissolve this 10% to a 1% solution in order to work with it.
    The description is right : animalic & oceanic.
    I am working on an Ambergris accord with Ambrinol, Ambrofix and Ambrarome absolu.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    thefragrantmind (verified owner)

    Very powerful, mossy, oceanic, algae, sparkly and driftwoodsy.

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