Designed to be the Pell Wall equivalent of the well known Molecule 02.

Molecule 02 is made with a product called Ambroxan.  Here at Pell Wall however we have another product, called Ambrofix, which is a more modern version of that same molecule, manufactured from a natural starting material derived from Clary Sage oil: that’s what we use to make Ambro – we hope you’ll enjoy it even more than Molecule 02.

It is available in our standard 100ml bottle.

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This product is very similar to the better-known Molecule 02 by Geza Schoen, but it isn’t the same, because it’s made with a more modern version of the same molecule, derived from a natural starting material.

You may like to know that we also have fragrances similar to Molecule 01 (Iso) and Molecule 03 (Veto).


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