Amyl Cinnamic Aldehyde


CAS No. 122-40-7

Odour (decreasing): soft-floral, fresh, jasmine, slight spice.

Solvent: -none added

Main Synonyms: ACA; amyl cinnamal, alpha amyl cinnamadehyde, alpha amyl cinnamal

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Description and usage notes:

One of the essential components of almost every jasmine recreation, a lovely soft floral material with only a slight spice note. Fresher than the similar Hexyl cinnamaldehyde.

Arctander has quite a bit to say about the material: “Very mild oily-herbaceous and somewhat floral odor, reminiscent of many types of natural flowers, but mostly of Jasmin, Gardenia and Tuberose. Introduces Jasmin-like floralness when accompanied by more volatile chemicals of floral character. Blends excellently and assists in fixation of the fragrance (ACA is quite tenacious) …

ACA is very susceptible to oxidation unless properly treated with an antioxidant (conventionally added by most manufacturers). Old or oxidized ACA has [an] objectionable, rancid-fatty odor. Lower grades of ACA may show by-odor of Benzaldehyde, Heptaldehyde or Amyl nonenal, sometimes called Di-heptenal.

Concentration in perfumes may vary from 2 to 10%, in exceptional cases up to 30-35%.”


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