Amyl Salicylate


CAS No. 2050-08-0

Odour (decreasing): herbal, floral-clover, azalea, green, sweet, chocolate, salicylate

Solvent: -none added

Main Synonyms:  iso-Pentyl salicylate, iso-Pentyl-ortho-hydroxybenzoate, “Tresseine”, Trefle, Orchidee, Trefol, iso-Amyl salicylate

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Description and usage notes:

Perhaps less familiar than Benzyl Salicylate but probably even more versatile, this can be used in most fragrance types as a blender as well as for its own particular character.

Here is Arctander on the odour and usage: “Sweet herbaceous-green, slightly floral odor. Very tenacious, somewhat woody-earthy, sweet dryout notes. Refined qualities of this ester may show a marked difference in odor, particularly richer in sweetness and floral tones. … Extensively used in floral and non-floral perfume types: Very often in Carnation, Hyacinth, Orchid, Trefle, and almost inevitably in Fougere types. Its low cost and world-wide availability makes it one of the most important perfume chemicals.” 


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