Inspired by the character in James Clavell’s Shogun.   Citrus, spices and precious woods come together to make a lasting, special unisex fragrance with warmth and depth from sandalwood & styrax.  Sophistication and subtle strength

Designed to last the whole night through and into morning, this is a spicy, vigorous fragrance with plenty of complexity to hold your interest.

Sitting above the sandalwood are bright notes of pimento, coriander and clove with subtle floral undertones to add intrigue.


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Anjin Scent Pyramid
Anjin Scent Notes

Clavell’s Anjin (the name comes from the Japanese word for pilot or navigator) is marooned in 16th century Japan when his ship is lost there.  He starts out rather brash and his treatment is initially brutal, but he adjusts and ultimately is at one with his sophisticated hosts.  This fragrance seeks to tell a similar story of increasing sophistication.

A fine fragrance to accompany you on an elegant night out and equally at home on man or woman.

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