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Inspired by the character in James Clavell’s Shogun.   Citrus, spices and precious woods come together to make a lasting, special unisex fragrance with warmth and depth from sandalwood & styrax.  Sophistication and subtle strength

Designed to last the whole night through and into morning, this is a spicy, vigorous fragrance with plenty of complexity to hold your interest.

Sitting above the sandalwood are bright notes of pimento, coriander and clove with subtle floral undertones to add intrigue.


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Anjin Scent Pyramid
Anjin Scent Notes

Clavell’s Anjin (the name comes from the Japanese word for pilot or navigator) is marooned in 16th century Japan when his ship is lost there.  He starts out rather brash and his treatment is initially brutal, but he adjusts and ultimately is at one with his sophisticated hosts.  This fragrance seeks to tell a similar story of increasing sophistication.

A fine fragrance to accompany you on an elegant night out and equally at home on man or woman.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Thomas Seidler

    Well, well, what a scent! Glorious on it’s own – I’ve just put some on to remind myself, and magnificent for combining!!! As the simplest/cleanest of the vanilla/wood triumvirate from Pell Wall (the others being the beautiful and royal 1953 and the complex and gritty Tempus Ludendi, both also amongst my 5 star favourites), this has a curious advantage over both of them in the ability to mix it up with other scents!

    Tempus Ludendi and 1953 are both so distinct (and fine) in their own right that overlaying other scents in anyway is less easily done to any good purpose.

    Not so with Anjin:

    Anjin with Orange Spice – unbelievably awesome (if you like Hugo Boss Orange, this tops it by far), reminds the wife of our honeymoon every time, truly glorious (these two are in fact the only two I bought in any volume, largely because they work so well alone, and so brilliantly together, so three scents for the price of two).

    Anjin with Orange Spice + Viva Verde (if my memory serves me right, I have alas run out of Viva Verde).

    I’m pretty sure I’ve also mixed Anjin with Gin & Lime, but may memory may be slipping as alas I’ve also run out of this!

    Suffice it to say, you’ve got to have some of this, cos you can add it to some of your other scents if you are bored of them, and it’ll add it’s own glorious augmentation!

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