Benzoin resinoid 10% in ethanol


CAS No. 9000-05-9

Odour (decreasing): Sweet, vanilla, balsamic, powdery, rich

Solvent: Ethanol (denat) 10%

Main Synonyms: Styrax benzoin, benzoin, benzoin Sumatra

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Description and usage notes:

This is benzoin resinoid, presented at a convenient to use 10% in ethanol. This material is one of the most widely used natural fixatives but care must be taken not to over-fix or the perfume can become flat and dull.

Arctander has quite a bit to say about benzoin: Benzoin Resinoid is used very extensively in perfumery, particularly in soap perfumes (see above on discoloration) where its fixative effect is much appreciated. It is generally applicable, but it has a pronounced odor-depressing effect upon the perfumes in which it is incorporated. This effect is closely connected with the fixative effect, and it is enhanced by the rich sweetness and deep balsamic notes from the resinoid.” 


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