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Pell Wall Ingredient Benzyl benzoate

Benzyl benzoate


CAS No. 118-58-1

Odour (decreasing): mild, solvent, balsamic

Solvent: -none- 100%

Main synonyms: Acaril, Acarosan, Ansar, Antiscabiosum, Ascabiol, Benzanil, Benzemul, Novoscabin

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Product Description

Description and usage notes:

A useful perfumery solvent particularly helpful for nitro-musks, certain natural extracts and other very low-polarity ingredients that can be difficult to dissolve.

Arctander suggests some wider uses: “A classic fixative-blender and solvent in perfumes. Also a modifier in heavier florals, Oriental type fragrances, etc., Tuberose, Yiang- Ylang, Lily, Gardenia, etc. Largely substituted by Benzyl salicylate when a faint odor is desirable. As a solvent for Nitromusks, Benzyl benzoate cannot compete with Dlethyl phthalate in cost, and the practise of keeping Nitromusks in solution on the perfumers shelf is, in the author’s opinion, outdated.”


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