Blending Kit of 30ml each of 56 different aroma chemicals
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Blending Kit of 56 Aroma Chemicals


A kit of 56 materials that newcomers to synthetics can use to blend, practice and explore the wonderful range of scent effects that can be achieved with them, also useful for the more experienced perfumer looking for a cost-efficient way to stock up on a range of commonly used materials.

30ml glass bottles of each material, all carefully labelled, are supplied in a strong practical box.

A full list of what is included is in the product description below.  If you are looking for smaller amounts of the same selection of materials you may want to look at our Discovery Kit.

Product Description

The Blending Kit is intended to enable a wide range of materials to be explored at a reasonable cost and comes in 30ml blue bottles. This set is ideal if you want to get a range of aroma chemicals at once and plan to use them to blend your own fragrances as there is enough of each to have plenty of practice with.

Most materials are supplied pure but a few, either for ease of handling or because they are very powerful, are diluted as specified in the list:

Ingredients in the kit:


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