CAS No. 5794-03-6

Odour (decreasing): Camphoraceous, cooling, pine-woody, citrus, green-minty, spicy

Solvent: IPM 50%

Main synonyms: 2,2-dimethyl-3-methylidenebicyclo[2.2.1]heptane

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Description and usage notes:

Camphoraceous, cooling, piney woody with terpy nuances. It has citrus, green-minty and spicy notes.

Widely used as a lifting agent in pine, lavender, and citrus fragrances as well as in many household applications.

Arctander tells us that it is quite widely used in flavourings as well as perfumes.  He describes the odour as “Mild, oily-camphoraceous odor, with little or no ‘warm-cold-feel’ as one can observe with Camphor.” and also mentions that it has a “Terpeney-camphoraceous taste, remotely resembling that of Celluloid (if the reader has ever tasted that !).”   We can’t confirm that, nor recommend testing his assertion: neither celluloid nor our camphene are suitable for human or animal consumption…

This is a volatile solid & gives off a highly flammable vapour, so we offer it at 50% in IPM which is easier to handle & safe to ship.


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