Castoreum Givco 116/5 10%


CAS No. –

Odour (decreasing): Castoreum, leather, animalic, warm, musk. Powerful

Solvent: Ethanol (denat.) to form a 10% solution of Castoreum Givco

Manufacturer: Givaudan

See below for more description and documentation



Description and usage notes:

As this is quite an expensive and powerful material we are offering it here at 10% in ethanol for a more affordable and easier to use option, but pure Castoreum Givco is also available if you prefer.

This base is a recreation of the odour of natural castoreum extract, designed by Givaudan.  It provides an extremely effective and powerful animalic quality that can be used as a background note in a wide variety of fragrance types at low levels.  At higher levels it can be used to convey a leathery quality or form the basis of a leather accord.

It is intended as a one to one replacement for a 10% solution of natural castoreum absolute.

Description from Givaudan: “Odor: castoreum. Use: This reconstitution contains only synthetic ingredients and plant-based naturals. It reflects all the typical warm, animal, leather-like notes and is a highly interesting note for use in chypre, tobacco, leather and fougère types.” 


Safety Data Sheet

Additional Documentation includes specification, SDS, allergen identification, GMO & animal testing statements etc.


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