Cedryl acetate liquid


CAS No. 77-54-3

Odour (decreasing): woody-cedar, leather, balsamic

Solvent:   none added, but prepared at 50% purity

Manufacturer: SAFC

Main Synonyms:  cedrol acetate

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Description and usage notes:

Tenacious, woody, cedar tone with a leathery quality.  Very effective fixative.

Arctander describes it as having a: “Woody, slightly leathery odor with a somewhat earthy undertone. It bears a slight similarity to Vetiver acetate in this respect.” 

An unusual material in that it is produced to 50% purity with the impurities being a range of isomers and other odourless compounds.

This form is widely used in preference to the pure (crystalline) cedryl acetate because it is liquid and so easier to handle, but also because, as Bedoukian reports: “When compared with the purer derivatives, these liquids [cedrol and cedryl acetate] have a superior olfactory value and are lower priced” 


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