Cocoa Accord


Chocolate note for perfumes

Cocoa Accord made by Pell Wall.

Available in a 30ml trial size at 10% or in 10ml, 50g,  100g, 200g and 500g sizes as concentrate.

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This accord by Pell Wall is designed to act as a general purpose chocolate / cocoa note in a wide range of fragrance types.  Please note that as edible as this smells, it’s a fragrance accord only and cannot be used as a flavouring.

If you’re familiar with Chocovan by Givaudan, this is similar but a bit more in the cocoa / bitter chocolate direction than that base, which is more in the sweet milk-chocolate area.

As usual with blends by Pell Wall, if you select the 30g option you’ll get a 30ml trial size at 10% in ethanol.  If you select any other size you’ll get the relevant weight of concentrate.

As with all the Pell Wall bases and blends, these are designed to make fragrance composition a little easier. If you buy a total of 2Kg of any one blend or base, or for a fee otherwise, the exact formula for it can be made available to you on a confidential basis – this is to ensure that anyone graduating from hobby work to producing fragrances for sale need not be concerned that they have used a blend they can’t replicate.

On the other hand, if you prefer to develop your own chocolate accord, you’ll find some suggestions of the sorts of materials that you might want to include in the description for Cocoa Hexenal one of the key elements.


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