Cocoa Hexenal 10%


CAS No. 21834-92-4

Odour (decreasing)cocoa, chocolate, bitter, honey, aldehydic. Powerful

Solvent: DPG to form a 10% solution of Cocoa Hexenal

Manufacturer: Riverside Aromatics

Main Synonyms: 5-Methyl-2-phenyl-2-hexenal, Choclatone, Cocal, Cocoa Aldehyde

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Description and usage notes:

One of the essential materials for creating an authentic chocolate or cocoa note: please see the description of the pure product for usage notes and other materials that can be used as part of an authentic chocolate or cocoa accord.

Very diffusive and powerful, it is used in small amounts typically well below 1% of the perfume concentrate hence it is offered here 10% dilution, which is more practical for those who blend in smaller amounts.


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