Cocoa Pyrazine 1%


CAS No. 55031-15-7

Odour (decreasing): chocolate, cocoa, nutty-hazelnut and peanut, roasted

Solvent: Ethanol to form a 1% solution of cocoa pyrazine

Main Synonyms: 3,5(6)-cocoa pyrazine, 2-Ethyl-3,5(6)-dimethylpyrazine

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Description and usage notes:

As with all pyrazines this is used in traces – Cocoa Pyrazine at 1% in Ethanol has a strong, distinctively chocolate and cocoa powder odour with elements of roasted nuts.

This material occurs naturally in various nuts, asparagus, tea and tobacco as well as chocolate. At 1% this is a very powerful material that can easily take over your blend, so use with caution: if you are unfamiliar with pyrazines in perfumery we recommend starting with our alternative offering of this material at 0.1% in ethanol.

Please note that although pyrazines are commonly used in flavouring this product is not suitable for human or animal consumption.


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