Corps Oranger 20% in BB


CAS No.  111753-60-7

Odour (decreasing): Fresh, airy, floral-orangeblossom, ozone, green-leafy. Very diffusive

Solvent:  Benzyl benzoate to form a 20% solution of Corps Oranger.

Manufacturer:  Symrise, dilution by Pell Wall.

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Description and usage notes:

This material is the Schiff’s Base of Helional and Methyl Anthranilate.

Much fresher and more diffusive than the better-known Schiff’s base of Hydroxycitronellal with Methyl Anthranilate (see Aurantiol).

The pure material, when fully reacted, has the consistency of soft rocks and is notoriously difficult to dissolve. Supplied here at 20% in Benzyl benzoate it’s a mobile, though still syrupy, liquid.

Wonderfully effective in air-care applications, orange flower accords and many other situations where a diffusive, floral note is desired.


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