CAS No. 28219-61-6

Odour (decreasing): Sandalwood, creamy, floral-rose, cedarwood

Solvent: -none added

Manufacturer: Firmenich

Main Synonyms: Sanjinol, Levosandol

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Description and usage notes:

The same molecule as the IFF sandalwood odourant Bacdanol, but this is the laevo isomer.  According to Arcadi Boix Camps Dartanol “is similar but more beautiful, more radiant, posessing a more natural sandalwood character.  It is also more diffusive”. We sometimes also have stock of the IFF equivalent called Sanjinol, which is also the laevo isomer.

Description from Firmenich: “Odor: Sandalwood, slightly cedarwood, creamy. Softer and more cosmetic than POLYSANTOL®, but less strong. Use: A sandalwood molecule with a creamy natural milky aspect which gives it a cosmetic character. Can be used at higher level than POLYSANTOL®. Gives a creamer and more cosmetic connotation than the preceding ones. Excellent in combination with POLYSANTOL®. It gives the body to the sandalwood connotation as the others give the character and the strength on the top”.  

Bacdanol, Sanjinol and Dartanol all have a slight rose character and give excellent floral support in a blend.


Safety Data Sheet

Certificate of Analysis


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