Diethyl succinate


CAS No. 123-25-1

Odour (decreasing): Wine, fruity-apple, stewed fruit, ylang. Substantive

Solvent: -none added

Main Synonyms: diethyl butanedioate; ethyl succinate

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Description and usage notes:

An usual material with a distinctly wine-like, fruity odour that is much more persistent than most materials in this register.  It is also useful for adding longevity, fixation and naturalness to fruit accords and white flower compositions.

This material has been found in the odour of whiskey, brandy, certain wines (particularly white wines) and in pineapple (especially the pulp), apple and other fruits as well as in cocoa.

Arctander describes it as “Faint, pleasant odor, remotely winey-ethereal. The odor type is somewhat similar to that of Ethyl benzoate, but of much less power.”   He goes on to tell us it: “Finds some use as a solvent-fixative in perfumery.” 


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