CAS No. 109-29-5

Odour (decreasing): Musk, animalic, sweet, ambery, balsamic. Radiant and excellent fixative

Solvent:  IPM 50%, but see below for option to have it undiluted.

Main Synonyms: 1-oxacycloheptadecan-2-one; 16-hexadecanolide; DHA; Dihydro Ambrettolide; Cetanolide; hexadecane-16-olide; Hexadecanolide; juniper lactone.

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Description and usage notes:

An extremely interesting and rarely offered macrocyclic musk of great diffusion and power, this relative of Ambrettolide is more animalic and less floral than the better known musk and works better in amber fragrance types.  This musk has been identified in a number of naturally occurring odours including galbanum oil, angelica root and some orchid scents.

Even small amounts will enhance other ingredients and is especially effective used in combination with Exaltolide, Exaltone and in fragrances where contact with human skin is involved.

Arctander says “DHA finds still some application in perfume compositions as a fixative with clean musky, slightly animal and foral undertones, and excellent performance in alcoholic solutions, and on the human skin. It may support delicate floral notes as well as typical Ambre notes or discrete Civet/animal tones, and it blends excellently with the purest Methylionones, Vetiver derivatives and aldehyde blends.

Arcadi Boix Camps says that  “Hexadecanolide or Dihydrombrettolide, a product of beauty, equals that of the macrocyclic musks of high quality.” 

This musk contributes its unique qualities, in combination with other musks, to the highly successful fine fragrance Narciso Rodriguez for Her from 2003, in which the musk accord is key to the character of the fragrance.

This material is solid at room temperature so by default we supply it at 50% in IPM, however if you prefer we can also supply it undiluted at the same price, but in that case we make a small charge to melt it for you.  Note that you only have to pay the melting charge once, regardless of how much Dihydroambrettolide you’re buying.


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