Dimethyl phenethyl butyrate


CAS No. 10094-34-5

Odour (decreasing): Fruity-plum, soft, floral, woody. Substantive

Solvent: -none added.

Main Synonyms: alpha,alpha-dimethyl phenethyl butyrateDimethyl benzyl carbinyl butyrate, DMBC butyrate

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Description and usage notes:

Warm floral-herbacious and fruity odour of very good tenacity.  Particularly useful in support of the more volatile fruity esters such as allyl cyclohexyl propionate allyl heptanoate, allyl hexanoate, ethyl butyrate, ethyl methyl 2 butyrate, isopropyl methyl 2 butyrate, Nectarate and Manzanate in extending the fruity note deeper into the heart of the fragrance.

Arctander suggests it is  “Used in perfume compositions of the Oriental-Rose, Chypre, Peony and other types, often as a modifier for other D. M.B.C. esters.” 

He describes the odour as: “Mild-hcrbaceous, fruity odor in the Plum/ Prune type. The undertones in a good-quality, acid-free ester are extremely pleasant, tea-like, warm and sweet. Needless to add, that the smallest traces of free Butyric acid are quite detrimental to this odor picture.” 


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