Dimethyl sulphide, neat


DMS, pure

CAS No. 75-18-3

Odour (decreasing): Cabbage, sulphurous, onion, creamy. Very powerful and diffusive

Solvent: none added

Main Synonyms: Dimethyl sufide, DMS, exact-S, methane thiomethane, 2-thiopropane

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Description and usage notes:

Please note that this neat form of DMS is available for UK delivery only: if you need to buy it for delivery elsewhere please contact us first.  Produced to a high purity of at least 99% this is is pure synthetic dimethyl sulphide: please pay close attention to the Safety Data Sheet below and only buy this product if you are confident you know how to handle it safely: if you are in doubt please consider one of the dilutions we offer instead.

Can be used in perfumes only in the most extreme dilution to add realism to gourmand (particularly coffee, chocolate and similar), fruity and certain flower perfumes, particularly rose. Can also be used as part of an authentic sea-breeze accord as this material has been shown to be the actual source of the smell of the sea, commonly described as ‘ozone’.

Don’t underestimate the power of this material: even small amounts can leave your perfume smelling of little more than boiled cabbage and raw onions, while a tiny amount can add creamy-warmth and diffusion.

Arctander describes the smell like this: “Extremely diffusive, repulsive odor, reminiscent of wild Radish, sharp, green, Cabbage-like. Only in very high dilution it becomes bearable and almost acceptable, pleasant, vegetable-like.”

Also available in Ethanol (denat) at 0.1%, as a Natural Isolate and at 0.1% in TEC.


Safety Data Sheet



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