CAS No. 4747-07-3

Odour (decreasing): Sweet, paint-like, herbal-lavender, slightly fruity. Powerful

Solvent: -none added

Manufacturer: IFF

Main Synonyms: 1-methoxyhexane, methyl hexyl ether

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Description and usage notes:

Typically used in traces, often to enhance the top-notes of lavender or to contribute realism to a fruit accord.

Description from IFF: “Concentrated sweet, herbaceous notes of lavender. Effective in traces. Pear, banana, green tonalities” 

Arctander is a bit lukewarm about this material: “Its peculiar type of green note has tempted some perfumers to use it in Jasmin and other florals, but it seems that competition from many new ‘green’ materials is far too strong.

For masking and for room sprays, it can introduce very pleasant variations in Lavender and Hay fragrances, and its power and low cost make it attractive in certain ways.”


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