Hypo-allergenic Eau de Toilette. A sweet, fresh, fruity fragrance with a modern vibe. Tropical fruits, light woods and soft musks combine to give a fine unisex scent designed to reduce the risk of allergy even on the most sensitive skin.

Our first hypoallergenic perfume is also an unusual and interesting scent. Rich with tropical fruit and precious woods it is as distinctive as it is useful.

Elavo is designed to provide a light, fresh, clean and lasting, unisex scent with dominant fruity and woody notes and enough complexity to maintain interest without including ingredients liable to cause skin irritation even in those with very sensitive skins.

A scent for those who usually can’t wear cologne or perfume.


Elavo was previously sold under the name Haiku: the name has changed but the fragrance has not.

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Elavo Scent NotesPyramid
Elavo Scent Notes

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