Eugenyl acetate


CAS No. 93-28-7

Odour (decreasing): Fresh, sweet, spicy-clove floral-carnation, woody. Mellowing

Solvent: -none added

Main Synonyms: Eugenol acetate, Acetyl eugenol

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Description and usage notes:

Whilst this material is a good substitute for Eugenol & Isoeugenol where IFRA restrictions or allergy declaration are a problem it is also much longer lasting (up to a month on a smelling strip), more balsamic and sweeter than eugenol, and so excellent for carnation scents.  In addition it has a slightly fruity and floral aspect which can contribute interesting highlights in gourmand, spicy and incense compositions as well as white flowers.

Eugenyl acetate is one of the major components of clove oil (8-15% in clove bud oil, less in the leaf and stem oils), along with eugenol. caryophyllene and alpha-humulene and explains why clove oil tends to last longer than eugenol even though eugenol can constitute as much as 90% of that oil.  It is also present in Ylang Ylang and Coriander oil.

Arctander says of it: “Used in perfumes to emphasize floralness in carnation, along with iso-Eugenol, Amyl oxy-iso-eugenol, etc. Fresher than these, but also milder. Not stable in white soap or alkali.”

It is a yellowish liquid that will crystallise at lower room temperatures (the melting point is 29 Centigrade).


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