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Formula Fee

If you’ve used any of the Pell Wall proprietary bases and want to know the formula for them, you have two options: you can buy 2Kg or more of the base in question or you can buy this product.  Either way we will then supply you with the exact formula for the base so that you can make it yourself from the individual ingredients.

Further details including what you can and can’t do with the formula you’re buying are in the product description below


The idea of the service is to allow people who’ve incorporated our bases into a perfume that they later want to sell, to buy the formula.  So you needn’t worry that you have used something that can’t be replicated on a large scale.

Equally however, some people just like to see what what’s in them for educational purposes or just plain curiosity: we don’t mind why you want to know, but we do ask that you keep the details confidential: keeping the formula to yourself forms part of the contract formed when you purchase this product and you should take due care to ensure it does not enter the public domain through any act or omission of yours.

Please note that you can only use this product to buy the formula for bases and blends designed by Pell Wall – we can’t give you the formula for bases and blends designed by others even if we sell them – the product includes license to make the blend for your own use and for sale as part of perfume but does not include the right to make and sell the base as such, in competition with Pell Wall.

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