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Geosmin 1%


CAS No. 23333-91-7

Odour (decreasing): Fresh, earthy, wet. Very diffusive and powerful

Solvent: DPG to form a solution of Geosmin at 1%

Manufacturer: IFF / Pell Wall

Main Synonyms:  octahydro-4,8a-dimethyl-4a(2H)-naphthol

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Product Description

Description and usage notes:

First isolated by Bush Boake Allen (now part of IFF) and notoriously difficult to buy in small quantities. Here at 1% in DPG, this is geosmin bought pure from IFF, diluted by Pell Wall and still so strong it must be used with caution.

We recommend you dilute to 0.1%, 0.01% or less for blending.

Geosmin is the scent of a freshly ploughed field, the first rain after a dry period, damp and deceptively powerful. Geosmin doesn’t seem particularly strong when you sniff the 1% solution, but even a drop or two will have your neighbours wondering whether it’s raining.

Traces in a fragrance can give you a unique effect and greatly increase diffusion. Like nothing else and very special indeed.

For those working on a larger scale, we also offer limited amounts at 10% in DPG


Safety Data Sheet (note this SDS relates to the pure material, hazards are naturally reduced by dilution in DPG)


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