Hexyl Acetate


CAS No. 142-92-7

Odour (decreasing): Sweet, fruity-berry-and-Pear-like, Amyl acetate (but milder), floral and green.

Solvent: -none added

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Description and usage notes:

An unusual fruity ingredient that, according to Arctander has a “Sweet fruity Berry-and-Pear-like odor, milder than Amyl acetate, less natural, slightly floral and green” 

He goes on to say that “Hexyl esters are relatively rare in Nature, and arc therefore somewhat more difficult to use in imitation fruit flavors than the common or ‘natural’ esters. Hexyl acetate however, is probably one of the more popular and useful Hexyl esters.” 

Jean Claude Elena, in his book The Diary of a Nose,  recommends this material for two of his “colorful basket of apples” :


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