Hexyl salicylate


CAS No. 6259-76-3

Odour (decreasing): Mild, balsamic, fresh, herbal, floral, typical salicylate character, good blending agent.

Solvent: -none added

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Description and usage notes:

An unusual material combining as it does balsamic with herbal aspects while still being fresh and floral.  It is particularly useful however as a blending agent, helping to get the disparate components of a complex blend to work in harmony with each other.  Mild odour and easy to use.

Arctander has quite a bit to say about it and starts by describing its odour: “Very faint, sweet-herbaceous and floral odor with dry-bark-like green undertones, sometimes referred to as ‘Witch-Hazel-odor’.  Poorer grades of this ester may be responsible for odor descriptions including the terms ‘phenolic’ or ‘ink-like’ (which also refers to ‘phenolic’ in a secondary way) or ‘metallic’. Pure Hexyl salicylate (with no free Phenolate other than the esterificd Salicylic acid) has a definitely floral odor.”  

He goes on to suggest: “Although this ester in no way is a substitute for Amylsalicylate, is does have similar characteristics. Its inevitably higher cost has put a limit to its popularity, and the fact that imperfect distillation technique produced off-odor high-boiling materiaIs up until a few years ago, also contributed to the lack of interest in many such materials. Hexyl salicylate is used …  as a modifier for the Amyl ester, or as a variation in floral or herbaceous-floral fragrances. Its tenacity is excellent and its odor comes to full perception when the ester is blended with more volatile components in a fragrance. It blends well with Labdanum, Coumarin, the Lavender Oils or Rosemary, and it gives interesting effects in Carnation, Fougere, Chypre etc.” 


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